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dancing in the womb - Rezia Wahid

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dancing in the womb
By Rezia Wahid
Photographs by Paul Tucker
Hesterglock Press, 2022

In this artist’s book to accompany the exhibition, award-winning artist and weaver Rezia Wahid MBE presents her artist’s statement in dialogue with stunning photographic images of her woven art, thought-provoking essays and her own lyrical reflections. Wahid draws on an extraordinarily diverse range of influences in her work including Art Modernism, British, Bangladeshi, Japanese and other international traditions. She combines inspiration from nature and the countryside, with a profound understanding of weaving and textiles as an artform. Her concern with making and materials is central to the book. Many of the photographs are of Wahid at work at the loom or surrounded by her children amid the studio within which her weaving takes place.

The book foregrounds the processes and physicality of her artform as she reflects on what is the reality for many women artists’ working practice, combining the making of art with the experience of being a mother. Wahid is also a poet as this book makes evident, sharing with the reader an insight into what it is to work with light and movement as well as thread, and profound meditations on materialisation and creativity. It is a powerful book for the world of art, craft and beyond.

Author: Rezia Wahid

Published by Hesterglock Press

Hardback – 128 pages - 2022

Dimensions - 26 x 22 cm

ISBN: 9781739807184