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Lafcadio Hearn's Japan

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Lafcadio Hearn is the most significant early interpreter of Japan and Japanese culture for the West—a man who traveled to Japan when he was thirty-nine, and never left. Lafcadio Hearn's Japan presents Hearn's most famous stories and essays about his adopted land—recounting his love for its striking natural beauty and the rich character and customs of its people.

The 18 fascinating essays in this book include:

  • "In a Japanese Garden" Hearn's classic description of the meditative calm and serenity he experienced when visiting a traditional Zen garden just outside his back door
  • "Strangeness and Charm" Expressing his deep love for the richness and beauty of traditional Japanese culture
  • "In the Cave of the Children's Ghosts" An account of a journey to an isolated sea cave where the souls of dead children are said to congregate

Lafcadio Hearn's Japan provides an unforgettable look at traditional Japan through the eyes of a sensitive and eloquent foreigner. This new edition features a foreword by Steve Kemme, a leading expert on Hearn and president of the Lafcadio Hearn Society (USA). It also includes 21 color photos showcasing the people and places which Hearn so lovingly describes.

Published by Tuttle Publishing

Paperback – 272 pages - 2023

ISBN 9784805317143